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Exclusive Website Pre-Release date: 24 May 2021

We've teamed up with our friends at Invada Records to offer you a chance to buy their limited edition double vinyl soundtrack to Andrew Kötting's latest The Whalebone Box as an exclusive bundle offer with the film.

The WHALEBONE BOX is a film about a whale bone box. A box made of whale bone. Entangled in a fisherman’s net and washed up on a remote beach in the Outer Hebrides. Once touched the box can change lives.


Music by

Oliver Cherer

Sunrise – Anja and the Memory People – At the Lake – Death Rite

Dirch Blewn – David Bloor

Quiver – Infinity is Bigger than you Think – Lost Souls – The Sacred Value of Restlessness


The Drive

Lutto Lento

Partition EP – 1st Partition 2nd Partition


Murdered Mermaid Song – O John Sing Thy Songs To Me – Border Darkness – Werena Ma Heart

Riz Maslen

Wreckage of Dreams

Quai Des Brumes

Julien et Mathias –
Quai Des Brumes sur les Quais

John Wall & Alex Rodgers

CD 114 Work 2006-2011: CD 234 Soar

Oliver Cherer

Oliver Cherer is perhaps one of bandcamp’s most prolific, contemporary singer-songwriters and yet despite this, he’s always been careful to exist just below the radar, much aided by a variety of nom-de-plumes, Gilroy mere, dollboy, the Assistant, Australian testing Labs, etc. he lives in st Leonards-on-sea and often has trouble finding a place to park his green camper van.

Side a (mixes Oliver Cherer)

The Passage Out The Sperm Whale

Side b (mixes Oliver Cherer)

Far Away Land

The Filthy Enactment

The Whiteness of the Whale

A Cold War for the Whale

Riz Maslen

Riz Maslen is an english electronic music artist. during the mid 1990s, she worked with 4hero and future sound
of London. After playing keyboards for the beloved, she took out a loan, built a home studio and created her first albums there. she lives in st Leonards-on-sea and runs like the wind.

Side c (mixes Riz Maslen)

Sealed Orders

The Divine Magnet

Very Like a Whale

The Correct Use of Whales

Side d (mixes Riz Maslen)

The Whale Watch

The Melancholy Whale

The Ends of the Earth

The Final Chase

sealed orders (drum sample by benbo)

the final chase (Wreckage of Dreams text by Shaun Gardiner)

Titles of tracks by kind permission of Philip Hoare and his book Leviathan or The Whale

All original mixes for film by Andrew Kötting – 2019 old town hastings

EAN: 505108315755

THE WHALEBONE BOX - UK Trailer from Anti-Worlds Releasing On Demand on Vimeo.